Cartier Ronde Solo Watch Reviews

Bought a Cartier watch from Jomashop. Within the first year it needed be serviced. about 18 months later it needed to be serviced again, for basically the same issue. Jomashop said they only offer two year warranty and they couldn't help me. Even though the repair from before was clearly not done correctly OR the watch is defective since the issue happened twice. The watch is an automatic Ronde Solo and it does not hold a charge for more than a...
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Anonymous Purchase your next Cartier at Costco; they will honor their own warranty as long as you remain a member. Simple. Yes, Costco does sell Cartier watches. Note, these are also...

I ordered a Cartier watch on their web and was told that I would be back-ordered for only 1 week. However, they shipped out the watch 7 weeks later without any explanation why it was delayed. I called them several times to try to facilitate the process, but they were extremely rude and impatient. I could not believe any company could be like this terrible. However, this is not the worst. By the time they shipped, I received an email...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service and returns policy
  • No resolution was offered
  • Offered no resolution